Metal Part and Stamping Part Metal Part and Stamping Part

Metal Part and Stamping Part

Argosy is capable of customized design and manufacturing components, e.g. stamping parts/metal parts, injection/molding process services.



  • Over 10 professional design engineers with more than 15 years of experience
  • In-house tooling design & development for injection, insert molding, and stamping with CAD / CAE / CAM application capabilities
  • Adopt high precision Grinding/Okamoto machine, Milling, Wire EDM/Sodick machines…

Argosy connector moldex design Argosy connector structure design

Argosy connector design- EMI simulation   Argosy connector tooling



  • Develop 20 new molds per month with variety mold parts available
  • Adopt advanced automated and high precision equipment, e.g. Kyori & Micron
  • Over 50 sets stamping press machines with more than 360 million pieces per month production capacity
  • Customized stamping parts, e.g. antenna for high-frequency, Wi-Fi, GPS applications

Argosy stamping process

Molding / Injection

  • Develop 15 new molds per month, and proficient in thermoplastics and blends technologies
  • Adopt advanced automated and high precision equipments, e.g. Fanuc, Nissei, Sodick, Sumitomo & Zhafir
  • Over 50 sets molding machines with more than 30 million pieces per month production capacity

  • All the molding parts have comprehensive CCD inspection

Argosy injection process Argosy molding process


  • Self-designed vertical continuous plating line with average yield rate higher than 99.5%
  • 5 plating lines, and capable of plating Au, Ni & Sn, with over 30 million pcs per month production capacity
  • Ensure electroplating quality by analyzing metal purity and surface cleanliness with ICP, XRF film thickness instruments, moisture testing equipment such as X-Ray Test, X-Ray Plating Tester, Chemical potion analysis, and AA-350 Tester.

Argosy plating process


On-Line Inspection

Argosy Auto Inspection stations on Assembly line

on line -Appearance Inspection on line -Open Short Test

Environmental Tests

Electrical Tests & RoHS

Mechanical Tests

Appearance Inspection